Project Introduction

[Energy storage mobile charging robot]


Energy storage mobile charging robot


Product features:

1. The built-in lithium battery energy storage bag of the energy storage mobile charging robot has a capacity of up to 200kWh, which can achieve deep charging of more than 4 electric vehicles and achieve low charging costs through peak shaving and valley filling mode

2.When users need to charge, search for this energy storage mobile charging robot on their mobile app, place an order, wait in place for a moment, and the energy storage mobile charging robot will automatically arrive, achieving convenient and efficient charging without worrying about finding a charging station or charging.

3. When working in the distributed energy storage mode, multi machine parallel inverter can be used to generate high power AC 380V strong current, which can completely provide production power for a factory, commercial power for a commercial CBD, or emergency power supply for government office buildings and residential quarters, thus making this energy storage mobile charging robot a new type of mobile "Virtual power plant".

Product parameters:


Technical Parameter


rated electric quantit


rated voltage


rated capacity


Power of Charging station


Charging current

150A MAX


2030*1050*1344.5 mm

Operating weight

2100 kg

maximum speed

4 km/h

Max Gradeability


Maximum obstacle crossing height

70 mm Deceleration zone

Ground clearance

85 mm

Ground conditions

Cement, asphalt, etc

Specification of built-in

Charging station


Charging gun


Equipped with a gun wire of 3.5 meters

Charging operation mode

Swipe card/touch screen/scan code

Rated input voltage DC


DC power supply range

Rated input voltage AC


AC power supply range

rated output voltage

750 Vdc Max

Output voltage range 200VDC~750VDC

maximum output current

Max 150 Adc

Charging interface

Meet GB/T 20234-2015

software configuration

Adopting the national standard 2015agreement,Compatible with 2011 protocol

Communication protocol

with vehicle

GB/T 27930-2015

communication interface

wireless communication

protection grade


ambient temperature

-20℃~ 50


2000 meters