Project Introduction

[Wall mounted/column DC Charging station]

Wall mounted/column integrated DC Charging station

DC charging pile

Product Features:
☆ Equipped with OTA remote upgrade function
☆ Equipped with protection functions such as short circuit, overcurrent, leakage, lightning protection, etc
☆ Equipped with 4G remote communication, voice platform, monitoring and management functions
☆ Adopting a thickened metal shell with a protection level of IP54 and strong environmental adaptability
☆ Easy to install, with flexible options for wall or column installation, and optional accessories such as protective boxes
☆ Equipped with charging functions such as card swiping, NFC sensing, plug and play, APP scanning, remote reservation, etc

Product parameters:

Power specifications:20kW/30kW


input frequency:50/60Hz

Output voltage:DC200V-1000V

Charging interface:GB/T20234.3

Operating temperature:-20℃-60℃

ambient humidity:RH5%-95%


Installation method:Wall hanging/column

communication protocol:GB/T27930

Communication method: 4G/Ethernet

Startup method: Plug and Play/Swipe Card/Scan Code/NFC

Application Scenario:

DC charging for electric buses, minibuses, hybrid buses, electric sedans, taxis, sanitation vehicles, etc