Project Introduction

[DC Charging station (20~60kW)]

DC Charging station (20~60kW)

DC charging pile

Product Features

☆ Equipped with OTA remote upgrade function
☆ Charging port can be selected as single gun or double gun
☆ Equipped with protection functions such as short circuit, overcurrent, leakage, lightning protection, etc
☆ Equipped with 4G remote communication, voice platform, monitoring and management functions
☆ Adopting a thickened metal shell with a protection level of IP54 and strong environmental adaptability
☆ Equipped with charging functions such as card swiping, NFC sensing, plug and play, APP scanning, remote reservation, etc
Real time display of current, voltage, charging power, charged amount, temperature, and time on a 7-inch LCD screen
☆ Adopting advanced flexible intelligent control technology, it can be suitable for adaptive charging of different vehicle models such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and sanitation vehicles

Product parameters:

Application scenario:
Suitable for DC charging of electric buses, minibuses, hybrid buses, electric cars, taxis, sanitation vehicles, etc