Project Introduction

[Column charging pile]

Floor type AC Charging station

AC charging pile

Product features:
※ It has protection functions such as short circuit, overcurrent, leakage, lightning protection, etc
Equipped with 4G remote communication, voice platform, monitoring and management functions
※ Comprehensive functions such as metering, billing, and user management meet the needs of public operations
※ Connect to the charging platform of the University of Science and Technology, enabling scanning charging, remote monitoring, and online management
※ Adopting a thickened metal shell with a protection level of IP54, suitable for outdoor use without obstruction
※ Equipped with charging functions such as card swiping, NFC sensing, plug and play, APP scanning, remote reservation, etc

Product parameters:

Application scenario:
Suitable for installation in public parking areas such as residential areas, underground parking lots, office buildings, shopping centers, etc., while meeting public operational needs.