Care oriented activities

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In March, the gentle breeze is not cold
The sunshine is bright today
With a strong sense of respect
Show a sweet smile
A happy holiday
Containing the sincerest blessings from the University of Science and Technology

To enrich the holiday life of female colleagues in the company

University of Science and Technology Nengtong Human Resources Department
Carefully prepared flowers and film viewing activities for female employees
And with heartfelt holiday wishes

Female compatriots holding flowers and blooming with smiles

Feeling the warmth of the festival
And the care and blessings conveyed by the company to everyone

The company also arranged movie watching activities
The recent hit "Hot and Spicy"

Let everyone feel the resilience of women

Female employees occupy half of the territory in the University of Science and Technology's Nengtong

Human Resources, Finance, Technology, Customer Service, Marketing, Service, Production
Every department of USTC can see their presence
The steady development of the company cannot be separated from the hard work and dedication of female compatriots
On such a warm holiday
University of Science and Technology can use a bouquet of flowers to express respect
Express gratitude with a blessing
May all female compatriots
Dream as a horse, not to disappoint youth
Brave and fearless, blooming with beauty

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