2023 Annual Summary Meeting and 2024 Business Plan Meeting

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From December 25th to 27th, 2023, the middle and senior management of Anhui Nengtong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. gathered at the Peach Blossom Pond Poetry and Painting Landscape Hotel in Jing County, Anhui Province to hold the "2023 Business Analysis and Summary Meeting and the 2024 Work Plan Meeting".

In 2023, Keda Nengtong achieved remarkable results in market, production, technology, installation, operation, and maintenance. At the summary meeting, department heads gave detailed reports on the operational situation of each business sector, summarized successful experiences, analyzed the reasons for shortcomings, proposed improvement measures, and made development plans for 2024. They also shared in detail the breakdown of goals and the path to achievement.

Vigorously expanding domestic and foreign markets

In 2023, Keda Nengtong achieved remarkable results in market expansion. Not only did it successively enter the shortlist or cooperate with host manufacturers such as Yangwang, Eq. Leopard, Tengshi, Chery, Star Era, Geely, Jike, Jianghuai, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. in terms of charging pile matching and home charging pile installation, but it also achieved phased results in the overseas market sector, and also contributed to the upcoming launch of Keda Nengtong in Hong Kong, Bangkok, China in 2024 Malaysia and other markets have laid a solid foundation at the beginning.

Building a digital production workshop

In 2023, in addition to adding sample rooms and constant temperature and humidity warehouses, improving process automation, and optimizing aging lines, the more important thing is to introduce MES systems into the production workshop, making it convenient to monitor production quality and trace production batches at any time, and creating a 5G application scenario production control system. In 2024, Keda Nengtong will continue to deepen the construction of digital and intelligent workshops, comprehensively improve delivery capacity, and ensure more efficient provision of new energy charging, storage, and discharge integrated system services to global customers.

Rapid development of installation business

In 2023, there has been a qualitative leap and development in the construction business of the charging station at the University of Science and Technology of China compared to last year. Firstly, in terms of the scale and service area of the installation service force, we will basically achieve coverage in 300 cities nationwide, and in the future, we will continue to achieve coverage in major regions worldwide; Secondly, in the construction of our service network system, we have established seven major war zones in East China, South China, Northwest China, North China, Central China, Anhui, and Southwest China to better achieve the goal of efficient services.

Stable development of charging services

In 2023, the online operation and charging business of Keda Nengtong will be steadily developing in an orderly manner. The "Zhenzai Chong" IoT platform of Keda Nengtong is an important measure to actively respond to the national carbon peak strategy, benefit users, and shoulder social missions. In 2024, while serving investment and station building partners, I will also expand the scale of self built stations and actively layout charging business on the charging big data platform, so that more new energy vehicle users can enjoy the convenient charging of Science and Technology University Nengtong at their doorstep, making it closer to users, benefiting them, and enhancing the service experience.

Comprehensive flowering of after-sales operation and maintenance

In 2023, the after-sales operation and maintenance of HKUST Nengtong will mainly focus on the nationwide inspection, maintenance and repair of charging piles, operation and maintenance of charging stations, and the smooth flow of more repair reporting channels such as 400 phones, websites, and official account. Actively and quickly respond to user service instructions. In the after-sales operation and maintenance service, Keda Nengtong is also continuously improving product quality, strengthening quality awareness and key manufacturing process control through user feedback, and continuously improving the research and development of aging testing lines to ensure that the defect rate of shipments is controlled within a few tens of thousands. In 2024, the after-sales service of Keda Nengtong will also target the team building of charging module maintenance, providing efficient and high-quality maintenance services for more investment and station building enterprises.

Challenge higher goals in 2024

At the end of the meeting, Tao Xu, Chairman of NUST Nengtong, affirmed the achievements of various business sectors in 2023, and also put forward higher development requirements for 2024:

Firstly, continue to invest in production scale, continuously optimize the level of intelligent manufacturing, improve quality and production capacity, and provide customers with higher quality and higher standards of services with better delivery efficiency.

Secondly, with the gradual expansion of the development scale of the charging station business at the University of Science and Technology, the supply chain has become particularly important. How to optimize more suitable supply chain cooperation in 2024 will also be our focus. By adopting a self built+outsourced driving model, we will further expand the upstream and downstream industrial chain of Keda Nengtong products.

Once again, in 2024, we will continue to return to the fundamentals of business, focusing on customer proximity, endogenous growth, integration of strategy, organization and digital technology, proactive happiness, feeling meaning and releasing warmth, continuously strengthening process capability control, and globalization strategy.

Finally, in 2024 and beyond, University of Science and Technology Nengtong will take on more social responsibility, while gradually strengthening its own development, and striving to create more value for the country, society, and users. Implement the national strategy of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and advance the layout of carbon management for the supply chain enterprises of Science and Technology University of China; Leading the development of the industry and continuously innovating scientific research and technology; Serving thousands of users and continuously improving product quality.

Unite and create the future together

In 2024, the University of Science and Technology will prioritize caring, enhance the happiness of all staff with a caring heart, enhance customer service satisfaction with a caring heart, and enhance user experience with a caring heart.

In 2024, let us unite and create the future together, and the high-quality service provided by the University of Science and Technology will always be on the way!

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