Honest Celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival: To all partners of Science and Technology University

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Dear partners

On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you a happy holiday and a family reunion, and I sincerely thank you for your continuous support and companionship to the University of Science and Technology.

As a traditional festival in China, giving gifts to each other during the Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional way to express love and gratitude. However, as a company, Keda Nengtong always adheres to the spirit of integrity, regards integrity as a prerequisite for our cooperation, and is committed to working with all partners to create a fair, transparent, and just cooperation environment. Here, we call on all partners to:

1. Please strictly abide by the integrity cooperation agreement, do a good job in promoting business personnel, and do not provide any form of gifts (including but not limited to cash, red envelopes, mooncakes, shopping cards, gift vouchers, valuable tickets, daily necessities, electronic products, etc.) or other improper benefits to our employees, their affiliates, designated persons, etc.

2. If any of our employees engage in unethical behavior such as eating, taking, or demanding cards, please report to our company promptly and truthfully by our partners or any other knowledgeable individuals.

Fighting corruption and promoting integrity has become a fundamental consensus in the entire society, and it is also an important responsibility for the University of Science and Technology to undertake corporate social responsibility. In recent years, the business volume of Keda Nengtong has been increasing year by year, and the service sector has gradually increased. The personnel structure is relatively complex. In order to prevent corrupt behavior from harming the company's interests, Keda Nengtong and its partners have signed integrity cooperation agreements. If the cooperation agreement is violated, it can be fined for breach of contract, blacklisted or even sentenced.

The development of enterprises cannot be separated from a self-discipline and integrity corporate culture and a sound company system. In the development of the company, it is necessary to strengthen daily control of key areas, key businesses, and important positions, identify potential problems and loopholes in management from work abnormalities, and respond promptly. For individual employees who disregard national laws and regulations, and disregard repeated orders for improper communication behavior, Science and Technology University Nengtong Company will strictly follow the company's system and hold internal employees accountable for violations. Those suspected of illegal activities will be resolutely transferred to judicial authorities.

The atmosphere of clean cooperation is not easy won and requires us to jointly maintain it. In the future, we hope that everyone will continue to work together to resist corruption, create a good cooperation environment of "fairness, transparency, and justice", achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and create a future together!

Anhui Nengtong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
September 25, 2023

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